Lost Ark Glaivier build Guide
Need the best version of the Glaivier in Lost Ark? The Glaivian is Lost Ark's longstalk weapon wielder that can switch between AoE and single target stances depending on the situation. Like the Gunslinger and Deadeye, the Glaivian can cycle through multiple skill bars to achieve a high APM.

Whether you've just upgraded your Glaivier with Knowledge Transfer or Power Pass, or you're starting a major campaign for the first time, this guide will help you. Below we present our recommended skill upgrades, sculpting, awakening skills, and other essential information to help you build the best Glaivian in Lost Ark.

Glaivier's identity abilities are Chaotic Dance and Focused Pose Shift, licensed through the Dual Meter Identity Meter. If you've played Gunslinger or Deadeye, this pose-switching mechanic will be immediately familiar to you. It works similarly to these classes' weapon swap, alternating between an AoE-focused, chaotic stance and a single-target stance. You can create separate skill bars for Chaotic and Focus and automatically switch between the two when you switch stances.

Dual Meter's three frames fill up slowly and passively, and you gain more as you hit enemies. When you switch stances, all of your dual meters are immediately consumed and you receive a gain based on the number of bars consumed. Switching to Chaotic Stance temporarily increases attack speed, damage, and explosion rate, while switching to Focused Stance increases damage, movement speed, and explosion damage.

Best Lost Ark Glaivier Build: Leveling and Abilities
Glaivier's two stances make the leveling experience extremely smooth, allowing you to deal significant damage to a single target without sacrificing AoE clearing speed. You'll tune your Smash skill bar to maximize AoE damage, then use Focus skills against bosses and other stronger enemies. The build below lists tripod options that will help you balance the two as you progress to level 50 and the final phase of Lost Ark begins. For more you can visit https://www.buylostarkgold.com

Each time you level up, you'll gain skill points and more from the full-name skill potions you get from the stump content. Invest these skill points to improve your skills and acquire tripods, which are powerful modifiers that you get at skill levels 4, 7, and 10. When you complete the main quest, invest these skills up to the specified tripod breakpoint.
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